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Training, Talent & Coaching


We endeavour to attain a good mix between group trainings and individual initiatives, as well as a blend of training to acquire additional job-related knowhow and training that strengthens communication and management skills. Specific on-the-job group trainings are held for a number of employee groups, each in accordance with the training method that best meets the needs of the employee and the overall learning goals.

Smooth integration of new employees is very important to us, because we believe that when new employees settle in quickly it creates a solid foundation for future trust and result-oriented work. With this in mind, every new employee can count on support and guidance from managers and colleagues. They are also given help to settle into the organization by a mentor, who is available during the first six weeks of employment and possibly longer.

We invested in strengthening our people’s management and personal leadership skills. That will ensure that strong (personal) leadership helps drive a strong, growing Van de Velde organization.


Van de Velde has a great deal of talent in house. We ensure this gets appropriate attention too. Our starting point is that everyone is talented and it is the responsibility of the manager to create an environment in which everyone is able to optimally use and develop her or his talent. It is also the responsibility of each and every employee to use her or his talent in a positive and constructive way and to say which skills she or he would like to develop in the future.

Where possible, we try to promote from within and we always work to assign the right project to the right person. That is our way of making sure we take full advantage of the talents of employees and work on active retention by giving employees challenges that are tailored to them.

In 2013 several employees made a career step via internal promotion or by shifting to another department.


To reinforce the personal coaching of each employee, we have replaced the formal and mandatory annual conversations with permanent dialogue and feedback. We focus on coaching on a daily basis. Rather than controlling employees, managers appraise them and give them feedback, context and guidance where and when necessary. The manager organizes frequent work sessions and informal checkins. Employees are encouraged to ask and give feedback.