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Recruitment & Selection

Shortfall occupations

The supply of employees trained in ready-to-wear clothing technologies remains limited on the job market and does not meet our company's demand. It remains difficult to attract suitable candidates for specific technical jobs, such as pattern-makers/model-makers, stitchers and cutters. We continue to invest in building good relationships and networking with a number of colleges as well as investing in high-grade in-house programmes to train motivated internal and external candidates to become off-the-peg clothing specialists.


The low inflow of qualified stitchers is at medium term a threat to the continuity of our stitching studio in Schellebelle. Therefore, we undertook various recruitment actions in 2013. We set up a partnership with VDAB (local labor office) which lead to the development of an intensive training combined with an internship in our stitching studio for future stitchers. Also we selected 8 stitchers from our former Hungarian production plant. They started working in our stitching studio in Schellebelle at the beginning of 2014.


Our vacancies are publish on our jobsite

We invite you to take a look at our jobsite where you can find more information about the vacancies and work environment at Van de Velde. You can read some testimonials of employees and take a look behind the scenes.

For our retail organizations in USA and Europe we have a jobsite: