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International E-cup day for men

How can men working at a bigger cup size lingerie specialist understand their target audience?

Men love to look at women with bigger breasts. When it comes to understanding the physical and practical discomfort a bigger cup size causes to a woman, let’s face it:  men are clueless.

‘Not in our company!’ says Ignace Van Doorselaere, the CEO of PrimaDonna lingerie. PrimaDonna understands, respects and celebrates curves and big breasts. From now on, so will the male employees at our company. At least they will make a serious effort.

The result is a must-watch corporate video; one you are likely never to have seen before.

Watch it on our PrimaDonna lingerie facebook page or here:

The video went viral on facebook and youtube and has been viewed more than 1.5 million times. 

Alors on danse

Feelgood & team work. That's how we can describe the Van de Velde episode of 'Alors on Danse'. 'Alors on Danse' is a TV programme of Ish Ait Hamou, on Flanders' most popular TV-channel Eén. In every episode, famous dancer Ish challenges two teams within a company to compete each other in a dance battle.

Eight Van de Velde colleagues trained every day after work for 4 weeks in a row, to be able to perform their dance in a grand finale, in front of 500 friends, family and colleagues.

We are very proud of our 8 dancers, and of the many colleagues who supported them during the finale and the heavy weeks of training.

A beautiful example of team building, or we could just repeat it once more : "We are like bras, close to your heart and there for support."


Van de Velde gives Time to Society - Visit to 'De Sloep' in Ghent

Time 4 Society is an organization that helps companies give some of their time to charity. In 2015, Van de Velde gave 220 hours to society. In 2016, we are planning to do the same. Read the report that one of our collagues wrote about our last Time 4 Society afternoon, in De Sloep in Ghent, below.

With a group of 9 motivated colleagues we went to De Sloep in Ghent. This organization helps and supports families with young children. After an introduction, we got to work: with wool, balloons, beads, ... we decorated the children's play carpet and turned it into an exploratory expedition for the youngest children.

In the afternoon we helped out with several activities: sports lessons for the mothers (while other colleagues took care of the little children), sports lessons for the children, a cooking activity, … Getting to know the people of De Sloep and how they work and what they are able to do for these vulnerable families in our society, was a great experience.

Marie Jo celebrates 20 years Avero

Avero, the iconic Marie Jo style is celebrating its first 20 years. The Belgian lingerie label is taking this opportunity to thank all Avero fans and everybody who helped Avero to blossom and grow all these years.

The Avero bra was a revolution at launch. The innovative combination of avant-gardist checked fabric, a perfect fit and the cute shoulder straps had never been seen before. It’s that unique identity that makes Avero so iconic and ensures it continues to sell well two decades later. In that time, 40 variants have been produced. A new design is released every year, with new colours, decorations or styles.

 ‘For 20 years now our Avero has been wowing fans around the world, from Switzerland to the United States. Two decades ago this style sent shockwaves through the world of lingerie and it remains incredibly popular and totally now,’ says Lieve Vermeire, head of design at Marie Jo. The unique combination of the avant-garde check pattern, the perfect fit and the adorable shoulder straps with daisies, make the Avero the only genuine daisy bra.

Marie Jo celebrated with two press events (one in Belgium and one in Germany), a customisation contest for Avero fans on its website and 4 customisation events in selected stores.