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Van de Velde wins corporate video award with The PrimaDonna E-cup movie

At the Belgian Corporate Video Festival, Van de Velde took home the Award in the category Profit. Awarded video was the PrimaDonna E-Cup Day for Men, which already scored millions of views on social media allover the world. The jury called it a creative, original and bold way of promoting your company's mission. And it made them laugh out loud.

If you did not yet see this video, here is the link again.

And yes, everybody at PrimaDonna understands women with a bigger cupsize. A big thank you once again to all of our male colleagues who participated, the production company and the team behind the video. 

NEW: PrimaDonna Sport! Fitness in comfort, even in the larger cups

A solid workout boosts your confidence, just like beautiful lingerie. Which is why PrimaDonna Sport, the lingerie label for women with large breasts, is launching a collection of trendy sports bras that fit like a glove and hip sports accessories. From now on you can keep fit in style and comfort. No more excuses not to keep your curvy body in shape. Ready, set, go!

Cool sports bras for large cups
Stretching, jumping and squatting with large breasts? No sweat, provided you have the right sports bra. One that gives firm but comfy support and looks so good you might want to wear it as a trendy sports top. What about a sports bra with a cool sweater look and fluorescent details – or a sports top with a light mesh and playful blue with black or shocking pink contrasts? With or without foam, but always with a wonderfully soft fabric and the perfect fit PrimaDonna is famed for.

Mix and match with hip accessories
Need a little push to get yourself off the sofa? Check out the hip sports accessories you can mix and match with your favourite PrimaDonna sports bra. From flattering yoga outfit to trendy tank top or capri pants that keep your tummy in check – sports apparel that makes you want to go to the gym every day.  



Van de Velde raises its participation in social innovation and female entrepreneurship

Van de Velde believes in the power of women. With the perfect fit and support of our lingerie, we support millions of women in everything they do every day. But we go further than that.  

Since 2011, our company is shareholder in Social Investment Fund De Punt. SOiF De Punt wants to give social entrepreneurs the best possible financial support and guidance to be able to create prosperity. While doing this, they pay extra attention to employing vulnerable groups and creating a durable social impact. On top of that, more than 60% of these starting entrepreneurs are women. 

Erwin Van Laethem, CEO of Van de Velde: "Ethical, durable and conscious entrepreneurship are no empty words to us. They are embedded in our company’s culture. Supporting innovative social projects in which women play an important part fits our company’s mission like a glove.  We are all about “Shaping the bodies and minds of women."

That is why Van de Velde does an extra investment of 50.000 € in Social Investment Fund  (SOiF) De Punt, as part of a total raise of capital of 500.000 €. “We want to encourage investments in innovative durable and social projects, that strengthen the position of women in society,” stresses Erwin Van Laethem.   

SOiF De Punt invested already in four start ups: The FacilityPunt (cleaning service with ecofriendly transportation and cleaning products), Koalect (online donation platform), B and Bee (beehive hotel) and Roof Food (urban farming project which promotes healthy eating habits by making vegetarian food more attractive).

Cooperation with Anticancer Fund

Thanks to the financial support of the lingerie firm Van de Velde the guide “Non-Conventional Treatment Options in Breast Cancer” was created by a team of scientists at the Anticancer Fund. The complex issue of non-conventional therapies for breast cancer is described in a comprehensive (lay-person) language for breast cancer patients and their supporters.

Both the Anticancer Fund and the lingerie firm Van de Velde want to help breast cancer patients deal with the volume of information that they may receive from family and friends, or find on the internet, the news, etc. The booklet will help to put non-conventional treatments into perspective regarding any statements made about these treatment options, and give some guidance as to whether a treatment is trustworthy and potentially safe.

It also specifies the scientific evidence in relation to some of the more popular non-conventional treatments for breast cancer and it outlines the rights and responsibilities as a patient.

This booklet can be a guidance when discussing those non-conventional topics which are of interest to the patient and her doctor and/or oncologist. For additional questions, the Anticancer Fund can be contacted: