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The Royal Warrant

The Royal Household Warrants Committee decided last May to cancel the Royal Warrant that was granted to Rigby & Peller’s previous owner, Mrs. June Kenton. Royal Warrants are granted to individuals, not to companies. Both Rigby & Peller and Van de Velde, which took over Rigby & Peller in 2009, are not involved in this decision. We are deeply saddened, but respect the decision of the Royal Household Warrants Committee. We will continue to improve our consumer experience and to empower women allover the world with our lingerie. 

Good news: collaboration between Van de Velde & Benetiet ends

The last few years, Van de Velde & the non-profit organisation Benetiet were partners in the battle against breast cancer. By the end of this year, the organisation stops its activities thus meaning the constructive collaboration will end as well.

The non-profit organisation raises funds for women wanting reconstructive surgery with their own tissue. At the end of 2016, Minister of Health Maggy de Block was able to reach an agreement with hospitals, plastic surgeons and the RIZIV-INAMI. Since then, women whom undergo reconstructive surgery are refunded. That’s why the organisation is (somewhat) obsolete today. Good news!

In the past, Van de Velde collaborated with founder Yamina and made a lot of women happy by giving them a voucher for a new lingerie set after their surgery. We often received hart-warming reactions. Van de Velde wants to thank Benetiet for the wonderful collaboration and is wishing founder Yamina all the best for the future. Van de Velde’s empowerment in the fight against breast cancer isn’t stopping here.

Marie Jo is Belgian Fashion Brand of the Year!

Marie Jo is the winner of the first-ever Belgian Fashion Brand of the Year Award, an award granted by Flanders DC, Weekend Knack and MAD Brussels. Thanks to the support shown by the Belgian public, for the next twelve months Marie Jo holds the title of ‘Fashion Brand of the Year’. The lingerie label beat 23 other premium Belgian brands to become Belgium’s favourite fashion brand.

For Van de Velde, the award is recognition of the power of the world-class Marie Jo lingerie brand. Ever since the brand was launched in 1981, Van de Velde has worked to inspire women and strengthen their self-image with seductive, refined Belgian lingerie. Marie Jo has been able to convince more and more women worldwide in the fitting room.

“Being able to take this award home with us is recognition of our passion and proof that we can count on a host of loyal fans. Marie Jo women are certainly power women that make their voice heard,” says Lieve Vermeire, Brand Design Manager of Marie Jo.

Van de Velde CEO Erwin van Laethem proudly adds: “Resolutely choosing what consumers want, with a product that looks fantastic, but at the same time is also comfortable and fits perfectly is a proven recipe for success. I would like to give a big thanks to all Marie Jo fans for their support and I dedicate this award to them. We are grateful to have the opportunity to empower them with our lingerie day after day”.

An extra big thank you to the Marie Jo team of course, which works with our brand every day. From the first sketches made by our designers, over the whole value chain and our sales & marketing people, until the fitting room. A Marie Jo product goes through many skilled and passionate hands before the consumer in the fitting room can feel and see how good this lingerie makes her look and how well it fits her. Marie Jo won this award thanks to all of them.


Will Marie Jo win the Belgian Fashion Award?

The first Belgian Fashion Awards will be presented on November 16th and we are so proud: Marie Jo has been nominated for Fashion Brand of the Year!​

Flanders DC (Flanders District of Creativity), Le Vif Weekend, Knack Weekend and MAD (Brussels Fashion and Design Platform) are joining forces to put established names and emerging talent from the Belgian Fashion industry in the spotlight.

The Belgian Fashion Brand of the Year is a public award. Together with 23 other brands, we are hoping to take this award home with us.


So we need your help to achieve this! You can vote for Marie Jo (n°13) from today up until 10 November by clicking here


We are already bursting with pride, because this nomination is a recognition of our passion: supporting self-assured women every day with enchanting, refined Belgian lingerie.

Thank you for your vote! 

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