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Groei is central to our organization

The key drivers of GROEI are Game & Drive, Respect, Opportunity & Entrepreneurial Spirit, Efficiency and International. Together with our employees we are building an environment in which our values can flourish together.

Van de Velde is growing every year and our people grow with us. We are convinced that our organization’s positive development can be attributed to the passion of our employees, who grow with Van de Velde.

Our human resources policy is also based on this philosophy.
We want to make people stronger, capitalize on their talents and encourage internal mobility in terms of jobs and departments, also between countries. We make efforts to ensure new employees are properly integrated through our induction programme and offer extensive development and training opportunities, from internal and external group courses to personalized training and coaching.

We feel very strongly about sustainable development. We endorse SA8000, a leading social accountability standard worldwide.

The health and wellbeing of our people is also key to sustainable growth. We work to encourage respect and camaraderie, teamwork and personal satisfaction, and aim for a healthy mind in a healthy body.

In 2013 we continued the introduction of GROEI to the organization. On the one hand by expanding the growth conversations (see below), on the other by organizing annual growth sessions in each department. During this growth sessions both Coe’s enter into direct dialogue with all employees and together they draw up actions in order to embed GROEI in our organization.