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Company profile


Van de Velde N.V.
Lageweg 4
9260 Schellebelle
Tel.          00 + 32 (0)9 365 21 00




1919: Founding by Achiel and Margaretha Van de Velde

1919-1945: First generation: Manufacture of corsets

1945-1980: Second generation: Range extended to bras and tights

Exports to the Netherlands

Production of high-end lingerie under private label

1981: Launch of the first brand, Marie Jo

1990: Van de Velde acquires German company PrimaDonna

1997: IPO on the Brussels Stock Exchange

1997: Launch of a third brand, Marie Jo L'Aventure

2001: Participation in the share capital of TopForm International, listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange

2002: Opening of first O&O store

2007: Strategic alliance with US multi-brand retail chain Intimacy Management LLC

2007: Launch of the Lingerie Styling programme

2008: Launch of sports lingerie line Marie Jo Intense

2008: Acquisition of Spanish lingerie firm Eurocorset and Spanish lingerie brand Andrés Sardá

2010: Launch of PrimaDonna Twist

2010: Majority 85% stake acquired in Intimacy USA

2010: Acquisition of Dutch retail chain LinCHerie

2011: Majority 87% stake in Rigby & Peller Ltd (UK)

2011: Joint venture agreement with Getz Bros. to operate and develop Private Shop in China and Hong Kong

2012: Acquisition of Donker stores in the Netherlands

2013: Launch of PrimaDonna Swim

2014: Rigby & Peller celebrates its 75th birthday, 75 years of fitting room happiness

2014: Intimacy is now  100% owned by Van de Velde

2015: Lincherie wins the GfK Award for best lingerie store in the Netherlands for the second year in a row

2015: The Intimacy stores in the US get the Rigby & Peller brand name, look & feel

2015: 150th anniversary of PrimaDonna: celebrating curves since 1865

2016: Opening of Rigby & Peller Dubai in the Dubai Festival Mall

2017: Launch of PrimaDonna Sport

2018: Launch of Marie Jo Swim

2019: Sale of participation in Private Shop in China and Hong Kong to Getz

Core activities

Van de Velde designs, produces and sells luxurious women’s lingerie under its own brand names. Originally a Belgian family business, Van de Velde continues to conduct all its core activities in Belgium: design and product development, prototypes and fitting models, purchasing (primarily European raw materials), quality control of incoming materials, fabric cutting, final check, administration, distribution, sales and marketing.

Assembly is done at foreign production sites.

Since 2007 Van de Velde has diversified into retail with proprietary concepts, acquisitions (Rigby & Peller, Intimacy, Lincherie) and a Hong Kong joint venture (Private Shop). This joint venture was terminated in 2019.




A perfect fit, top quality and fashionable designs.
Be swept off your feet by the MARIE JO and MARIE JO L’AVENTURE collections at



Check out our three collections at

For a hundred and fifty years, PrimaDonna has kept the same goal: designing perfect-fitting luxury lingerie for naturally curved women who take a large cup.

Smooth cups, daring colours and hip designs for women who take a large cup. That’s PrimaDonna Twist.

The icing on the cake for women with a larger cupsize. Now they can also count on the very best at the beach and at the pool. The fit, quality and gorgeous designs of PrimaDonna.


A collection of trendy sports bras that fit like a glove and hip sports accessories. From now on you can keep fit in style and comfort.

Flamboyant, sexy lingerie that radiates luxury and sensuality:

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Van de Velde nv is composed as follows:

  • Lucas Laureys, director (tenure expires at the ordinary general meeting of 2022)
  • Herman Van de Velde NV, always represented by Herman Van de Velde, director/chairman (tenure expires at the ordinary general meeting of 2024)
  • Bénédicte Laureys, director (tenure expires at the ordinary general meeting of 2024)
  • Fidigo NV, always represented by Dirk Goeminne, director (tenure expires at the ordinary general meeting of 2022)
  • YJC BV, always represented by Yvan Jansen, director (tenure expires at the ordinary general meeting of 2023)
  • Valseba BV, always represented by Isabelle Maes, director (tenure expires at the ordinary general meeting of 2022)
  • Mavac BV, always represented by Marleen Vaesen, managing director (tenure expires at the ordinary general meeting of 2022)
  • Veronique Laureys, director (tenure expires at the ordinary general meeting of 2023)
  • Greet Van de Velde, director (tenure expires at the ordinary general meeting of 2023)

Daily management

Marleen Vaesen – managing director


Van de Velde NV is lawfully represented by a managing director (Mavac BV, permanently represented by Marleen Vaesen) or Chief Financial Officer (Karel Verlinde CommV., permanently represented by Karel Verlinde). together with a member of the managing committee.


2018: 205.2 million euros

Workforce (at 31/12/2018)

  • Belgium: 592 (including Retail central services)
  • Tunisia: 623
  • United States of America and Canada: 69
  • United Kingdom: 90
  • Germany: 81
  • The Netherlands: 99
  • Spain: 44
  • Other countries: 50

Van de Velde pursues a socially and ethically responsible policy. Its Belgian site has been awarded the SA8000 label (‘Social Accountability’).

Stock market

13,322,480 shares are constantly listed on Euronext Brussels in compartment B (market capitalisation between 150 million and 1 billion euros). (ISIN code: BE0003839561)


  • NACE code: 14.140, manufacture of underwear
  • ICB Sector classification:
    • Sub-sector: 3763, clothing and clothing accessory
    • Sector: 3760, personal goods
    • Manufacturing: 3000, consumer goods
  • Social security registration: 038 0705011-51
  • VAT registration: BE 0448 746 744
  • Unique location numbers:
    • head office
    • Meerbos 22: 2.159.302.944
    • Meerbos 24: 2.235.698.857